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Does your shop lack pizzazz? Rely on Flint CPL Academy to craft your custom vinyl window decal. Our decals are perfect for stores that need a character boost. With our help, you can decorate your windows with personal messages, such as your hours of operations, motto and logo. Don't worry about the decals fading. Our products are designed to stand up to the elements.

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If you're looking for a clever way to expand your business's brand, consider offering vinyl decals to your customers. Flint CPL Academy can print a variety of vinyl designs in bulk for you to display in your shop. We can print decals for restaurants, local shops, arcades, bars and other facilities. You might start seeing your logo all over town.

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What is it? Sublimation ink is turned into a gas through heat. The ink dyes polyester fibers. This process can be used on substrates using specialized coatings or poly and poly blend fabrics. Typically only lighter colored substrates can be used. But certain HTV Vinyls have made it possible to add designs to darker fabrics and other blends or cottons. If HTVs are not used, sublimation does not work on 100% cotton or higher cotton blends.

The Possibilities are Endless!
We can personalize- shirts, coffee cups, clocks, puzzles, license plates, key chains, dog tags, bicycle license plates, metal business cards, and coming soon - skinny tumblers!

Plus! At a discounted price, you can bring in the items you want customized!

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